AZOP Payson GP Race Report

Posted 3 years ago by Eric Harrison

aka Mud fest

The Wormhole Racing Team was out with both vehicles at the Payson GP. This was the first time both vehicles were at the same race. We weren't able to make it both days but we did head up Sunday. The drive up from HQ was beautiful though we were looking in the mirrors hoping the storm clouds didn't catch us. We thought we had won, we were wrong.

AZOP used a new format for Sunday which was awesome. There was no practice which put the UTV's racing at 2pm. At Mormon Lake we didn't race until 5pm which meant we got home rather late. As usual we got up there as early as possible to watch the rest of the races and take some pictures, only this time we couldn't take any of the UTV's.

The weather held out much like it did at Lynx Creek, right up to the UTV race. The rain started just before and stopped until the middle. Being the first time racing in the #130 and having not driven the course I followed Redneck Edition around the first lap to get the feel. It didn't take a whole lap to push it. The STI Chicane RX really dug in and provided awesome grip.

The giant log pile was roped off as the rain made them slick. I must say, both drivers were not disappointed in that. The course was short with lots of very tight turns that required four wheel drive to be turned off in order to slide it around. I am now thinking I need to move buttons around so that is easier to hit when driving alone.

The #130 went back and forth with the #54 most of the race. Thanks to the killer FOX Shocks the #130 was able to power through the whoops and modals reeling in whoever was in front. Being such a short course and very narrow passing was limited. We tried to pass through the mud pit, but that just made visibility 0 which meant slowing down and not holding the pass.

All in all it was an awesome race. Visibility was a major factor and caused the a lot of racers to have to remove goggles. After the race was over Eric's contacts were tinted brown and had mud in his eyes. Hal's face was covered in mud and both the machines were as well. Only thing not covered in mud was our Team Alba decal.